Miami-based women’s networking organization names Britt Yap FemCity Honolulu President

How did you become president of FemCity Honolulu?  I believe in signs and things happening for a reason. When Femfessionals, LLC founder Violette Sproul contacted me on Linkedin I immediately had a good feeling about her, the organization, and its mission. Violette wanted to expand the organization to Hawai’i, and before responding to her email, I looked over the Femfessionals website. I realized that under a national and international umbrella, I could be much more effective. The company seemed very organized and members gave them rave reviews. After an interview and references check, Violette appointed me as president of the Honolulu chapter. I could not have been more honored and delighted.

How can we find out more about you? Read my bio and president’s letter.

When did you officially launch the chapter? FemCity Honolulu was launched in September 2013.

What’s FemCity Honolulu’s mission? To connect ambitious women and  provide support and guidance for women business owners and professionals.

How many members are there? FemCity Honolulu has 12 members and growing. There are more than 1,000 national and international Femfessionals members.

How does one join Femfessionals? Prospective members attend an event to find out what we do and decide if it’s right for them. Or they can just dive right in and sign up before Oct. 1 to automatically receive a lifetime membership for a one-time fee of $100. If they sign up before Oct. 1, they will never have to pay the annual fee again.

How do you start a chapter in your city? Women interested in starting a chapter in their city can contact the organization directly.

What are the benefits of joining? The connections. You also get member benefits that help you promote yourself and your business nationwide (and internationally). Femfessionals provides a positive environment amongst like-minded, powerful women that is difficult to come by. Join Now.

Can you give a description of Femfessionals. Femfessionals connects ambitious professional women through “Connection Lunches,” originative workshops, social media and, creating individual communities within cities around the world. Our mission is to connect and enable women worldwide to reach their ultimate potential by offering endless resources through the Femfessionals Organization.

What are the differences from other groups that provide networking for women in Hawaii? At FemCity Honolulu we try to make things comfortable on many levels and be open with each other. We focus specifically on women in business (professionals/executives are welcome to join as well), while meeting outside of planned events and getting to know each other. The annual membership fee is lower than the other groups in Honolulu. Our members are in cities all over the U.S. and growing internationally as we speak. Femfessionals aims to be in 100 different cities worldwide by the end of 2013.

What is the age range of the members? Approximately 20s to 50s

What the cost to join? $100 annually (however, there is a group rate of $240 for three friends/coworkers and $90 for non-profit members)

What can someone expect at an event? We usually do a meet-and-mingle first, followed by a guest speaker, a raffle giveaway, then introductions around the room and a wrap-up mingling afterward. Expect to meet women who are innovative and ambitious.

What is the importance of networking groups for women? Especially in Hawaii, who you know is as (if not, more) important as what you know. Therefore networking is a big key to a successful business. These women are supporting each other. Members often meet outside of the events to learn more about each other’s businesses and refer business to each other.

How do we find out more?Email me at with any questions. You can also visit the website at

Here is a 2012 article from Sun Sentinel with more background about Femfessionals and how it has helped members.


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